2017 - Present

Tech Messaging Platform

Gpost is a patented messaging technology platform that saves lives by mapping physical addresses to digital addresses.

What we delivered
  • – Brand Strategy
  • – Workshops
  • – Visual Identity
  • – Website
  • – Band Guidelines
  • – Iconography
  • – Presentations
  • – Brochures
  • – Advertising
  • – Pull Up Banners
  • – Print Management
Project Overview

GPost is a fast-growing messaging app tech product founded in 2016. Despite having a robust platform, GPost faced challenges in establishing a strong brand identity, reaching their target audience effectively, and differentiating themselves in a competitive market.

Through a comprehensive approach to brand strategy, visual identity design, branding, website redesign, and graphic design for marketing, we helped GPost transform into a market-leading messaging app, achieve significant user growth, and establish a strong brand identity. This case study demonstrates the power of strategic branding and creative design solutions in driving product adoption, user engagement, and brand success.