Townsend Cobain


Wealth Management

Townsend Cobain is a privately owned financial advisory practice and investment firm.

  • – Brand Identity
  • – Colour Schemes
  • – Font Systems
  • – Visual Language
  • – Logo Design
  • – Applications
  • – Brand Guidelines

Townsend Cobain is a boutique, private wealth company based in Melbourne who have built a reputation of excellence in the financial wealth management space. Collaborating with Thrive Marketing, we embarked on a journey to craft a suite of uplifted brand assets that would uplift the Townsend Cobain’s brand language to reflect prorgession and responsibilty.. By focusing on fresh and vibrant elements in the color scheme, typography, and logo design, we successfully transformed Townsend Cobain’s brand identity to align with their reputation of personalised, high touch service delivery.

The revitalised brand now exudes energy, innovation, and professionalism, positioning Townsend Cobain as a contemporary leader in the private wealth sector.